Burrata Salad by Chef Earl, USA


Ingredients List 1ea Burrata cheese 5ea halved Heirloom tomatoes (small) 2oz Balsamic pearls ½ head Frissee lettuce 1 stem Pickled Rhubarb 1 bunch Fresh Chives 8 oz Canola Oil Salt to Taste 1 batch Chive oil 1oz Parmesan Crisps As needed Micro Greens 1 cup White vinegar 1 cup Sugar Method of Preparation 1. Thoroughly […]

Steak and Potatoes by Chef Earl

steak and potatoes

Chef Earl used No.W plates. Made of recycled clay for a Non-Waste dinner. Ingredients List For Steak 10oz NY Strip 1oz Oil 3oz Grey Poupon mustard 4 pearl onions (Slice in half) 4 sprigs of Thyme 3 knobs of Butter 1 ½ cup Port Wine 2oz Gaucho steak seasoning (Spiceology) For Fondant potato 1ea Russet […]