Revol & Ressource – a made in France collaboration

For years we had the secret desire to work with experts in the field of colour to bring a new twist to our famous crumpled cup, for the public, architects and interior designers. Yet little did we imagine how enriching our 2021 collaboration with the paint brand Ressource would be, or how strong the decorative […]

Revol & Ressource : Meet Annabelle Vermont, Artistic Director & Color Expert

REVOL & RESSOURCE “ Colour is an art form that needs practice. The eye has to train itself, has to learn to read the nuances that make up colour. It’s also a question of freedom, of submitting to nature, in order to let inspiration guide us.” The artistic director of Ressource, Annabelle Vermont, speaks to […]

Revol & Ressource – Trade secrets

A cup that last! At the other end of the spectrum from the disposable results of mass production, Revol’s Froissé arrived on the scene in 2000. As durable as its plastic alter ego is ephemeral, as poetic as the other is purely functional, the Revol cup is a good-humoured distortion of the original. Already familiar […]