You think Valentine’s Day is just another day? Or do you think it is a good excuse to give to your partner a gift? Maybe a gift you can both share? Here is our Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her.

Our Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her suggestion here are definitely for all the couples who have some gourmet vibe. If you and your partner enjoy cooking together, trying out new things, entertaining and inviting people over, setting up nice tables and try new recipes, this is definitely the right place to find ideas for Him or Her.

Dinner of 2

Get a restaurant look… at home

Is your partner always surprising you with home made dinners? Do you prefer staying home and cooking like a chef instead of going out? Make sure you have the correct dinnerware. With Arborescence dinnerware plates you cannot go wrong. Plate like a Chef and give your dining table a professional look!

Pasta bowl for 2

When you cook dinner for two you thing is pasta and a good bottle of wine? Check out this beautiful black pasta bowl from our Equinoxe collection. Any pasta will look stunning in it! Get 2 bowls and save this dish for special romatinc dinners!

Equinoxe pasta coupe dish

For tea lovers

You are more a coffee type of person but your partner only drinks tea? Get Him or Her an exquisite Tea Pot that will make her tea taste better. Pekoe tea pot has been created to prepare tea to perfection and serve it in a beautiful way. Pekoe is the name of the best type of tea, for the best type of tea pot!

Collection Pekoe by Lucas Frank

For bread makers

Is your loved one always trying new recipes and making everything from scratch? Is your loved one adventurous enough make things like stews, jams or bread? We have the perfect solution for that! A pot, made of porcelain, that can be used in every heat source including induction and bread and that has therefore great baking capacities! This is the Revolution pot. Available in different colors and sizes.

Make bread but also stews, meats, veggies and jams in this 100% safe porcelain pot

Share an espresso

Is sharing an espresso a romantic moment for both of you? Allow yourself a very simple, elegant and delicious espresso time with these beautiful espresso cups from Caractere collection. You can find them in sets of 4.