You are a passionate about cooking and you are looking for THE tagine dish that will bring taste to your kitchen?
Revol is very pleased to share with you its iconic ceramic tajine dish which has revolutionized the market where the dishes are mainly made of cast iron and terracotta.

How to choose your Tajine Cookware

The purchase of a tagine dish will make the difference in your food! This is a unique cookware that will be very useful in the preparation of the tagine but also other recipes.

If you need to some unique and very good recipe for your tajine, feel free to have on our recipe category and specially our chicken tajine recipe cooked by the Chef Daniel Boulud.

The unique shape of a tagine dish offers it huge advantages over other dishes. Its unique shape will allow it to preserve the flavours of cooked foods and gives it a taste so special we can definitely find in other cooking methods.

The fact that the lid is high allows a temperature difference between the base and the upper part of the cookware. Thanks to this, your tagine will be a success!

The Best Tajine cookware by Revol

  • First of all, this tajine dish combines all the qualities of Revol ceramic with easy washing, non-porous and very high heat resistance.
  • A unique design that will enhance your kitchen with its elegant shape. This dish comes in two colors. Either a touareg glazed blue or a matt slate style.
  • The induction version of our tajine is a great alternative for our modern kitchens!
  • Like the whole Revolution Collection, this product is oven and microwave safe (without the handle) and it can resist to very temperature and have a strong resistance for thermal shock.
  • Although a lot of tajine are made with cast-iron or terracotta, these materials are definitely not equivalent to porcelain. On this article you can see the whole comparison between porcelain and cast iron.
  • The Revolver Tagine dish allows a smooth cooking of food for a tender and tasty result.
  • Finally, This tagine dish offers an infinite number of possibilities and is not only suitable for tagine cooking. It will be very useful for making dishes in sauce or even cakes.
Apple pie baked in the Revol ceramic Tajine dish

The Revolution Collection: The best ceramic cookware

  • This collection is the result of a long work in research and innovation. This unique and patented collection offers exceptional qualities.
  • This is a range of revolutionary ceramic cookware casseroles induction safe that will guarantee a healthy cooking in any circumstances.
  • All the collection is food safe, free of any chemicals and toxins, no heavy metals.
  • To clarify, these Dutch ovens are for an everyday use since with one dish they can be used in every heat source. This includes induction, stove, electrical unit, oven and microwave.
  • Furthermore, with this high quality of product, the Revolution Collection can resist to very high thermal shock resistance up to 518°F
  • Very durable and resistant, Revolution casseroles are very light (half the weight of cast iron) but very resistant at the same time.
  • They are made of natural mineral materials. Free of chemicals and heavy metals. Does not absorb grease or odors. Perfect for a healthy cooking for you and your family!
  • Most importantly, the material used for the whole Revolution Collection is a special clay thicker version than regular porcelain.
  • Then, the design of each piece is perfectly studied. The lid is made in a way that it is easy grip.
The Revolution Collection in blue and the Revol ceramic tajine dish