Can you use porcelain in the microwave?

Microwaves are found everywhere; at your office, at school, or at home. It is for a good reason. They are a marvel of convenience and essential for food preparation. The microwave oven is a staple in almost every household. Still, mystery prevails around the best microwave usage. So, can you use porcelain in the microwave?

Here, we will discuss the best practices for using porcelain in the microwave. Furthermore, we will present the superior dish to use for cooking and reheating; our Belle Cuisine Rectangular Roasting Dish. Made in France, this dish will help simplify your everyday kitchen use.

Belle Cuisine Best Porcelain for everyday use
Beautiful Belle Cuisine porcelain can be used in the microwave

What does microwave safe mean?

Microwave-safe products mean that the material of the container will not break, deform, release dangerous chemicals, or cause damage to the microwave. Above all, only use cookware specifically labeled as safe for microwave oven cooking. Using the right container is essential to prevent serious damage to your microwave. It will also help prevent foodborne illness. All Revol dishes are microwave compatible.

Belle Cuisine dishes are made of white porcelain. They are a classic essential piece of French cuisine, with an elegant shape and finish. It is perfect for everyday use, and microwave friendly.

Use the Belle Cuisine in the microwave to heat food
Belle Cuisine is the best porcelain for everyday use

What should I consider while using porcelain in the microwave?

First of all, some ceramic dishes are more prone to cracking than others. If a dish doesn’t have formulated glazes – meaning the glaze has not been fired at a high temperature – it is at risk. Pieces fired at the home typically have unformulated glazes.

Revol glazed products are fired at a very high temperature of 2408°F. It makes them extremely durable and resistant to heat and thermal shock. They are non-porous and resistant to absorbing fats and liquids. As a result, Revol Porcelain is 100% hygienic and food safe.

Another factor to consider is water trapped inside a container. It can cause overheating. Consequently, breakage may occur. Consider microwaving a tomato or a lime. They will explode in the microwave and juices will go everywhere! Similarly, a dish with water content can cause cracks. Revol porcelain doesn’t absorb any liquids so you won’t have to worry about a fracture.

What type of container or plate should I not use?

Be careful when using plastics in the microwave. They may release toxic chemicals. If they are not specifically labeled as microwave safe, they might melt and release toxins in your food.

Before placing a dish in the microwave, check whether the item has some type of decoration. Be careful to use plates with metal foils as they may release electric sparks, or worse, start a fire. Plates with a metal rim, such as gold, silver, or aluminum, should never be placed inside the microwave.

Finally, you may also be wondering about dangerous chemicals like lead and arsenic inside the glaze. Can they be released while the microwave is heating? Yes, it is true that some materials will emit toxic pollutants while heated. These can enter your food. Revol porcelain dishes are entirely free from these harmful chemicals and are entirely food safe.

Use Revol Belle Cuisine Porcelain to heat food inside the microwave
Belle Cuisine Rectangular Pan

Unique qualities of the Belle Cuisine Roasting Dish

Made of high-resistant porcelain, these baking dishes are perfect for baking, serving and storing all kinds of casseroles and stews. The white transparent glaze applied to the porcelain clay makes it easy to clean. Also, it won’t scratch, easily chip, or stain.

Made of porcelain, this casserole has high-quality properties. It is suitable for oven and microwave use. Food heats evenly and will remain warm for a long time.

Finished by hand in the factory in Saint Uze, the Belle Cuisine comes equipped with unique handles. They have sturdy one-block handles and are sturdy and easy to grab. Several stages of manual production ensure the best quality rendering possible. Thereafter, Revol Porcelain is sent to professional kitchens and retail stores all around the world.

Belle cuisine is an iconic and bestselling collection of REVOL. It includes a selection of baking dishes (rectangular, square and individual bakers, Cocottes and Crème Brulee dishes) of different sizes and colors. All with the same iconic handle. Almost every baking dish is available in white (white porcelain) or black (black clay with a cast iron “look” glaze).

This is what you must know about Belle Cuisine:

  • STRONG: Sturdy one-block handles providing grip and safety
  • EASY CARE: extremely easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • FOOD SAFE: Non-porous, 100% hygienic
  • OVEN AND MICROWAVE SAFE up to 572F, can accommodate many cooking styles and uses. Also, freezer safe.
  • OVEN TO TABLE: bake and serve your vegetables, lasagnas, casseroles and more with one dish
Simple, durable and non-porous Belle Cuisine Rectangular Small Pan
Small Belle Cuisine Pan