Comment cuisiner anti-gaspi?

Avec la journaliste et cheffe française Sonia Ezgulian En ces temps où rester à la maison est une question de sécurité sanitaire, préparer les repas pour toute la famille n’est pas toujours une tâche facile. Surtout quand vous voulez cuisiner anti-gaspi. De nombreux chefs partagent leurs conseils, leurs recettes et leurs secrets. Afin que tout […]

5 reasons why bowls make food taste better than plates

We have certainly eaten more often in bowls in 2020 than ever before! And we are happy to give you some good reasons why bowls make food taste better than plates! A “to go” trend Eating in a restaurant in 2020 has been something somehow difficult to achieve due to the pandemic, the lockdowns and […]

Can you use porcelain on induction?

Induction is starting to take an important place in our households. Many have been convinced by its benefits and started installing induction cookers in their home. However, before making such changes, it is important to be aware of what is compatible with these cookers and what isn’t. You would not like to be able to […]

How to cook No Waste?

With French Journalist and Chef Sonia Ezgulian In these times where staying home is a matter of life or death, preparing meals for the entire family is not always an east task. Especially when you want to cook with no waste. Many Chefs are sharing their tips, recipes and secrets so everyone at home can […]

How is high-grade porcelain made?

Combining mineral materials into everyday objects is a tradition spanning thousands of years. Because of its versatile properties, ceramics is common in many places. Dishes and tableware in our kitchens. Tiles in our bathrooms. Decorations in our living rooms. It is no coincidence that ceramics has been a popular material for centuries. It is durable […]

Is Porcelain good for baking?

Is porcelain good for baking? Let’s go over a few things you must know about baking in porcelain and that can be applied to every dish from Revol’s cookware. When it comes to baking, many things can help to ensure a successful achievement. It is not only about tossing elements and baking them. Baking is […]

What are the differences between porcelain and stoneware?

When it comes to choosing the best material for your dinnerware, bakeware and cookware, the choices offered in the market are multiple. There is all the family of ceramics (earthenware, stoneware, porcelain and bone china) but also glass, melamine or plastic. To answer the question, we will focus on only the ceramic made dinnerware. To […]

Best Guide to choose your Tajine Cookware

You are a passionate about cooking and you are looking for THE tagine dish that will bring taste to your kitchen?Revol is very pleased to share with you its iconic ceramic tajine dish which has revolutionized the market where the dishes are mainly made of cast iron and terracotta. How to choose your Tajine Cookware The purchase […]

Baking Georgian breakfast bread with Basalt Baking Tray


Are you looking to bake a tasty breakfast? Have you tried Adjurali Khachapuri? It is a fluffy pie baked inside the oven with popular Georgian cheeses such as Imeruli and Sulguni. Commonly served at breakfast it features molten cheese and egg in a fluffy crust. Here, we offer insight into the history of this special […]

How to cook a tasty and delicious Shakshuka

A favorite among brunch connoisseur, this dish has taken tables across the world by storm. Simple and delicious, it is a hearty yet healthy meal. filled with nutritious ingredients, and an excellent source of protein and kaolin, it is a perfect way to start of any lazy Sunday. Here we give you tips on how […]