Best Guide to choose your Tajine Cookware

You are a passionate about cooking and you are looking for THE tagine dish that will bring taste to your kitchen?Revol is very pleased to share with you its iconic ceramic tajine dish which has revolutionized the market where the dishes are mainly made of cast iron and terracotta. How to choose your Tajine Cookware The purchase […]

Baking Georgian breakfast bread with Basalt Baking Tray


Are you looking to bake a tasty breakfast? Have you tried Adjurali Khachapuri? It is a fluffy pie baked inside the oven with popular Georgian cheeses such as Imeruli and Sulguni. Commonly served at breakfast it features molten cheese and egg in a fluffy crust. Here, we offer insight into the history of this special […]

How to cook a tasty and delicious Shakshuka

A favorite among brunch connoisseur, this dish has taken tables across the world by storm. Simple and delicious, it is a hearty yet healthy meal. filled with nutritious ingredients, and an excellent source of protein and kaolin, it is a perfect way to start of any lazy Sunday. Here we give you tips on how […]

Can you use porcelain in the microwave?

Can you use porcelain in the microwave?

Microwaves are found everywhere; at your office, at school, or at home. It is for a good reason. They are a marvel of convenience and essential for food preparation. The microwave oven is a staple in almost every household. Still, mystery prevails around the best microwave usage. So, can you use porcelain in the microwave? […]

What are the differences between cast iron and porcelain?

Cast iron style baker

Having the right equipment is crucial to cooking, which is why you’ll see many recipes specify what kind of dishes you should be using to cook your food. Out of all of the materials that baking dishes can be made out of, porcelain and cast iron are two of the most common, making them essential […]