How to protect your food? Covering your food with a cloche: a must have

cloche polycarbonate

During times where hygiene and safety are a top priority, there is a simple yet beautiful solution to protect food from dirt, bacteria and other inconveniences: the dome also called cloche. Covering your food with a cloche is a must have. Domes or cloches have been used in pastry shops or in some bars when […]

How to master the art of plating? Interview with Maria Nguyen

Discover here the interview of Maria Nguyen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Art of Plating. She explains how she created this creative space for Chefs to express their personality through their food and via mastering the art of plating. She also explains her inspiration and motivations and how the Rising Talent List, a national platform […]

How to plate like a professional?

The Art of plating a dish has become more and more important in recent years. The best Chefs in the world no longer seek to offer a tasteful journey but also a beautiful visual experience. This Art has now reached private individuals. Maria Nguyen, the founder of The Art Of Plating reminds us, “You eat […]

Choosing Oyster Plates for the Summer

Rumor has it that eating oysters during the months without the letter “R” is a big no-no. Some people might say to never indulgence in these delicacies when the sun sets late and the nights are warm. We disagree. Despite the popular myth, raw oysters are a perfect touch to breezy summer nights by the […]

Baking Georgian breakfast bread with Basalt Baking Tray


Are you looking to bake a tasty breakfast? Have you tried Adjurali Khachapuri? It is a fluffy pie baked inside the oven with popular Georgian cheeses such as Imeruli and Sulguni. Commonly served at breakfast it features molten cheese and egg in a fluffy crust. Here, we offer insight into the history of this special […]

How to cook a tasty and delicious Shakshuka

A favorite among brunch connoisseur, this dish has taken tables across the world by storm. Simple and delicious, it is a hearty yet healthy meal. filled with nutritious ingredients, and an excellent source of protein and kaolin, it is a perfect way to start of any lazy Sunday. Here we give you tips on how […]

How to choose the perfect pizza stone?

Homemade pizza is delicious. You have tried to craft one at home, but to your disappointment, you haven’t been able to re-create the right crispness to the crust with evenly cooked toppings – just like from your favorite pizzeria. So, how can you create a pizza that tastes like it just came out of a […]

How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide

caractere dinnerplates 7 colors

Choosing dinner can be tough. One has to consider the aesthetics – the shape, size and color – while also evaluating the material. How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide While there is much to consider, you can be at ease because we’ll show you exactly how to choose the perfect dinnerware set for […]

How to Find an Oven-Safe Bowl for the Perfect French Onion Soup?

lion head soup bowl raw

When it comes to cooking a specific recipe, it is important to get the best material possible to perform the recipe and get the expected results. This is crucial for making things like French onion soup, which requires a bowl that is oven safe, as the last step in the recipe requires you to melt […]