Meet our Eco Ambassador: London based food photographer, Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith aka londonfoodboy, started his journey as a food photographer at an early age. He showed a great interest in creating recipes and cooking up weekday set menus for his family, but also with photo editing tools such as Photoshop and Lightroom. Coming from a family with background in the hotel and hospitality industry, […]

How to cook No Waste?

With French Journalist and Chef Sonia Ezgulian In these times where staying home is a matter of life or death, preparing meals for the entire family is not always an east task. Especially when you want to cook with no waste. Many Chefs are sharing their tips, recipes and secrets so everyone at home can […]

Looking for a meaning… A Chef’s approach to cooking

In a world where everything is always about superlatives, Chef Julien Allano is thinking about how to give sense and cohesion to his cuisine. Looking for a meaning, with passion and a strong commitment for doing good, the dishes served in his restaurant Au Clair de la Plume obeys to one and only rule: the […]

The secrets of a pastry Chef – interview with Chef Kevin Clemenceau

Our Interview with young and promising Pastry Chef Kevin Clemenceau is enthusiastic and inspiring. We get here into the secrets of a pastry Chef and what are the main important things for him when it comes to being the best. Let’s talk about you: your secret about your rising career Where are you from? Where […]

How to master the art of plating? Interview with Maria Nguyen

Discover here the interview of Maria Nguyen, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Art of Plating. She explains how she created this creative space for Chefs to express their personality through their food and via mastering the art of plating. She also explains her inspiration and motivations and how the Rising Talent List, a national platform […]

What happens when a designer meets a 250 years old manufacturer?

Noe Duchaufour Lawrance designing the Caractere Collection

In 2018, Revol partnered with famous French designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrence. The idea was to create a special collection to celebrate REVOL’S 250th anniversary. Caractere collection is the perfect combination of craftsmanship and French heritage. The manufacturer and the designer worked hand in hand for one year to come up with a collection which story […]