Can porcelain be recycled?

In an area where less is more, we have been trying to answer a simple, yet complex question for more than 3 years: can porcelain be recycled? Well… the anwser is YES. And we are not talking about recycling a few pieces of clay here and there. This is more than just reusing scracths that […]

5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her 2020

You think Valentine’s Day is just another day? Or do you think it is a good excuse to give to your partner a gift? Maybe a gift you can both share? Here is our Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her. Our Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him & Her suggestion here are definitely […]

How do the French celebrate epiphany?

And what do French eat for La Fête des Rois After Christmas… comes the Epiphany Christmas is just a few days behind and with January comes a new celebration French people do not miss. Especially, because it comes with a delicious dessert and a small game. How do the French celebrate epiphany? What happened on […]

Holiday Gifts! For Everybody who enjoys cooking and entertaining!

holiday gift list

It is this time of the year again… Trying to find the perfect gift! We have some options to share if you are looking something for Everybody who enjoys cooking and entertaining! Here are a few options! And don’t miss our Holidays sales at the end of December. Colorful Oval Platter The Epicurious has chosen […]

What is the history of Japanese tea ceremonies?

In a fast-paced world, constantly surrounded by distractions, we crave an outlet for relaxation. To sit down without distractions and enjoy being present. Breathe in and savor the moment of now of right now and right here. This is what Japanese tea ceremonies are all about. They are a classical ritual to instill being present […]

Why should we eat out of bowls more often?

In our current everyday lives, where things must go fast, meals should be practical but also healthy and environmentally conscious. There is a new shape of plate that appears to be very convenient for our new ways of eating: the coup bowl. Half plate, half bowl, the coup bowl appears the be the GO TO […]

Black friday wishlist! Holidays shopping list

Thanksgiving is so late this year !! So REVOL has decided to start sales earlier. Are you considering building your Black Friday wishlist? Then now is more than time. Expect amazing discounts starting now on our BLACK FRIDAY page and enjoy an additional coupon on actual Blackfriday (or the day before to be more precise). As […]

Artisan workmanship creating beautiful designs in Drôme

Inside the Revol factory in St Uze in the French Drôme province, traces of its 250 years of heritage doesn’t go hidden. Here the atmosphere is of tradition. The rich soil of the region and a fine eye for design inspires skilled workers. Come and take a step inside the Revol factory. It is nothing […]

What is the perfect kit to make a brunch?

Is there a better way to start your Sunday morning than with a brunch and your family? Revol gives you its keys to have the complete tableware for your brunch to make a yummy and beautiful Sunday break! A brunch can be difficult to set up if you don’t have the experience and the tools […]

How to style your kitchen with your dinnerware?

Blue and grey dinnerware Equinoxe Collection

We spend an entire 2.5 years of our life cooking! Knowing this, it’s essential to have a kitchen that we love! Although the design of the room and the furniture matter, the equipment remains so important. Your tableware is the bottom line of your kitchen. With the Equinoxe Collection and specifically the deep plate with […]