Artisan workmanship creating beautiful designs in Drôme

Inside the Revol factory in St Uze in the French Drôme province, traces of its 250 years of heritage doesn’t go hidden. Here the atmosphere is of tradition. The rich soil of the region and a fine eye for design inspires skilled workers. Come and take a step inside the Revol factory. It is nothing […]

What is the perfect kit to make a brunch?

Is there a better way to start your Sunday morning than with a brunch and your family? Revol gives you its keys to have the complete tableware for your brunch to make a yummy and beautiful Sunday break! A brunch can be difficult to set up if you don’t have the experience and the tools […]

How to style your kitchen with your dinnerware?

Blue and grey dinnerware Equinoxe Collection

We spend an entire 2.5 years of our life cooking! Knowing this, it’s essential to have a kitchen that we love! Although the design of the room and the furniture matter, the equipment remains so important. Your tableware is the bottom line of your kitchen. With the Equinoxe Collection and specifically the deep plate with […]

What type of teapot makes the best tea? The perfect tea pot for tea ritual

Are you more a tea person than a coffee person? Do you enjoy collecting tea pots when you travel? Are you fascinated by the ritual of tea? What type of teapot makes the best tea? The perfect tea pot for tea ritual ? One American person out of 2 drinks tea on an everyday basis. And […]

How to style a seaside kitchen? Start with the dinnerware…

Are you looking to create a beach style kitchen? Bring the sunny, calmness and beauty of all oceans colors? So you might wonder how to style a seaside kitchen? Start with the dinnerware. This is our advice here. And some more. Elements of a beach style kitchen When in comes to create a seaside kitchen, […]

How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide

caractere dinnerplates 7 colors

Choosing dinner can be tough. One has to consider the aesthetics – the shape, size and color – while also evaluating the material. How to Choose Dinnerware: A New Buyer’s Guide While there is much to consider, you can be at ease because we’ll show you exactly how to choose the perfect dinnerware set for […]

What is the best coffee cup?

Crumpled coffee cups

Almost 450 million cups of coffee are consumed everyday in the United States including espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffees! The question is what is the best coffee cup? Years after years, REVOL has developed a large range of coffee cups and accessories. But our favorite for its design and uniqueness is the crumpled cup […]