How to prepare the perfect cookout?

Summer is finally here! With this beautiful blue sky and shiny sun, who can resist to gathering friends or family around a cookout or for a potluck? This guide will show you how to prepare the perfect cookout so you can impress your friends and spend a wonderful time all together. Why cookout is THE […]

Is disposable plastic the hygienic solution during COVID-19?

It is finally happening, our restaurants will be re-opening soon. But one question remains pending: how will we be enjoying a perfect meal at a restaurant while at the same time feeling safe? More importantly: is disposable plastic the hygienic solution during COVID-19? And should restaurants priviledged it? For everyone concerned by the environment, the […]

Can porcelain be recycled?

In an area where less is more, we have been trying to answer a simple, yet complex question for more than 3 years: can porcelain be recycled? Well… the anwser is YES. And we are not talking about recycling a few pieces of clay here and there. This is more than just reusing scracths that […]