Are you looking to create a beach style kitchen? Bring the sunny, calmness and beauty of all oceans colors? So you might wonder how to style a seaside kitchen? Start with the dinnerware. This is our advice here. And some more.

Sea inspiration

Elements of a beach style kitchen

When in comes to create a seaside kitchen, there are many elements you can work on in order to give the sensation the beach is right next door. For example, working on colors, textures and small details that will remind you the breeze of the ocean, the movement of the waves or the stillness of water. All the big elements of the kitchen like cabinets and floors are important. And once you have that, choosing your dinnerware, glassware and all kind of accessories can enhance the style of your kitchen. Here are some insights.


Find and play with the color nuances that a beach landscape could bring to you. Pallets of blue, white and off-white colors. Use this as a starting point for designing the color scheme of your kitchen: paint on the wall, cabinets and flooring. Play with various tones of sea blue and turquoise, and of course white. Your goal should be to make the space look as airy and bright as possible.

If you want to create an ambiance that reminds more of the “Atlantic” ocean – go for the stripes and darker blue. If you are choosing a Mediterranean look, pick lighter blues, turquoise and white.


Feel free to play with different type of woods, fabric and raw materials. Bring the nautical feel to your kitchen with wooden plank flooring: the bare flooring can be coated with paint. You can also varnish the floor to make it easy to clean. You could also play with tiles, always following some natural colors.

texture of the sea

Personalize with decor

Get your imagination going with some elements of decor you can even create yourself! These details will make all the difference. Think about wooden frames, anchors, bottles and vases but also all type of shells and nets. Anything that reminds of the ocean can bring a special touch to your kitchen.

Choosing your dinnerware

How to style a seaside kitchen? Start with the dinnerware… Choosing the dinnerware is very important as this is what is going to give you the feeling, everyday, when you are in your kitchen or dining room, that the ocean is not too far.

The most obvious and straightforward design is the design offered in plates where you have shapes and patterns of shells, chorals and all type of animals from the sea.

However, we have another suggestion for you: a collection of dinnerware, made of porcelain, and which finishes remind the color of the swell from the waves, the deepness of a shell living at the bottom of the sea, or the pearly effect of a stone coming from the ocean. This collection is called SWELL.

To style a seaside kitchen, pick the dinnerware
How to style a seaside kitchen? Start with the dinnerware…

A hymn to the sea: SWELL

So our response to how to style a seaside kitchen is by starting with the dinnerware. SWELL has the beauty of the sea with its colors, texture (very raw from the outside and very shiny from the inside) and shapes. This collection also offers a strong quality and high performance and is meant to be used every day. Here is what you must know:

  • Swell is offered in 3 finishes: white sand (black clay with a white finish), black sand (black clay with a black glaze) and brown sand (black clay and nuances of white and brown glaze).
swell collection, seaside style dinnerware
SWELL collection by REVOL
  • Every piece is dishwasher safe, oven safe and microwave safe
  • The collection includes plates (from the bread and butter size to the charger size) and coup bowls from different sizes. Also available in rectangular.
  • Present and serve all types of seafood, pasta but also your every day meals.