Blue and grey dinnerware Equinoxe Collection

We spend an entire 2.5 years of our life cooking! Knowing this, it’s essential to have a kitchen that we love! Although the design of the room and the furniture matter, the equipment remains so important. Your tableware is the bottom line of your kitchen. With the Equinoxe Collection and specifically the deep plate with cloche, Revol offers you the solution to style your kitchen with your dinnerware.

Design your interior with your white dinnerware

Firstly, let us introduce a design white tableware through the Equinoxe collection. This dinnerware highlights your interior but also to offer you the best dining experience. This white design dinnerware is an essential to have in your kitchen.

  • Let’s showcase your tableware in the kitchen. If your dinnerware is nice, don’t hesitate to highlight it! You can place your dish on floating shelves. Likewise, you will be impressed by how this Equinoxe collection looks once they are stack on shelves. This is another way to style your kitchen with your dinnerware.
  • The secret of a stylish kitchen is to have a high-quality tableware. Our Revol porcelain is 100% made  in France and a craftsman is behind each of our products. This is a noble and technical material.
  • Then, choose a set of tableware from the same brand. It is important to create a same energy and atmosphere in the room. We advise you to choose a same range of product. The Equinoxe collection is all you need! There is a wide range of product: plates of every sizes and shapes, design bowls and practical deep plates.

Style your kitchen with the Equinoxe Collection

  • Use a classy white dinnerware and add a bit of color in your kitchen! Although the best option is to design your kitchen with a white dinnerware, you should also add some accent pieces in another color. You can enjoy the Equinoxe collection in other shades: Pepper (matte and satiny grey finish); Cumulus White (shiny glossy white finish), Cast iron style (unique and modern textured black) and Cirrus blue (deep and glossy variations of blue). For instance, you can finalize your dinnerware with a cirrus blue dessert plate.
  • Be trendy and timeless! The perfect dinnerware should be balanced between a modern design and an eternal material. This collection is made of black clay and a part is coated by a white enamel. It is offering the same benefits as a white porcelain with iconic colors and contemporary shapes.
  • Then, if you want further details regarding how to choose your new dinnerware, feel free to visit our article about the Caractere collection.
Equinoxe collection blue white pepper dinnerware
Equinoxe dinnerware made of blue, white and grey plates. Oval, round and rectangular plates. style your kitchen with your dinnerware

The deep plate with cloche: the detail that makes the difference

We are going to show you why this white deep plate with lid is a must have! This ceramic deep plate is a good way to style your kitchen with your dinnerware.

  • Firstly, this is the perfect deep plate to use for fancy diner. This is the ideal dish to plate soup, gazpacho, vegetables, dish with rice and desserts.
  • Guaranteed surprise effect! Your guests will be happy to remove the lid and discover your dish.
  • Don’t hesitate to change the function of this deep plate. As a result, a lot of our customers like to store dry ingredients in their Equinoxe container. You can easily store candies, chocolates or even spices! Above all, this is even better to us this ceramic deep plate as a food storage container than a plastic box. Unlike plastic, our clay does not absorb the flavor of the food. With this deep plate, the smell does not persist because our ceramic porosity is very low.
  • In addition, this dish is also made to keep the food cold and hot thanks to the low thermal inertia and the protective lid.
  • Hence, this would be a design accessory which will enhance you table and your kitchen!

A design dinnerware: The Equinoxe Collection

This new galaxy of ceramic dinnerware includes dinner plates, salad bowls, coup bowls, square serving pieces and even dim sum dish, fits perfectly into the area we are living.

Round, hollow, oval, rectangular, bowls, dim sum creations … This constellation is available in 15 shapes. Invite poetry and refinement to your table. This is a dinnerware inspired by the Equinoxe – this magical moment when winter becomes spring and when summer turns into autumn. Inspired by the planets, the moon and the seasons, Equinoxe is deep in colors, textures and lights.

Every plate is made of black clay and is glazed only in the inside of the plate – raw material on the outside – finished with a nice black contour.

Most importantly, note that every piece is oven and microwave safe and dishwasher safe. They do not scratch and are resistant to mechanical shocks.

Friends eating outside around a table with the Equinoxe Collection
four friends eating with the equinoxe collection on the table. style your kitchen with your dinnerware

A piece of art in your kitchen

Equinoxe reflects a deep research in colors, texture and subtle lights. The black clay is revealed in a line that elevates the colors.

  • Each piece is crafted in our factory in the South East of France and finished by hand with passion and valuable know-how by our makers. Don’t forget that quality is the key if you want to style your kitchen with your dinnerware. 
  • Culinary ceramic dyed in the mass in black. Only the used section is enameled. There is an hand finished on each item of the collection. Enamel is removed from plate contour. Except on the cast iron style, there is an appearance of a thin black contour.
  • The unique finish will highlight and structure your dishes.
Equinoxe collection on a coffee table
Equinoxe collection with round and rectangular plates and bowl on a coffee table. Style your kitchen with your dinnerware

A Collection designed for every needs

The Equinoxe collection offers a diversity of items made for cooking, plating and decorating! This is definitely a good way to style your kitchen with your dinnerware.

  • The oval plate has a flat base
  • Rectangular plates with vertical sides to improve juice retention
  • 4 sizes of coup plates
  • 6 sizes of flat rounds plate
  • 3 sizes of iconic bowls, ideal for appetizers
  • A cup to serve a hot beverage or an individual dish on a buffet or simply a starter
  • Bowls can be used for an infinite range of dishes. Easy-to-use, simple and elegant format