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Is there a better way to start your Sunday morning than with a brunch and your family? Revol gives you its keys to have the complete tableware for your brunch to make a yummy and beautiful Sunday break! A brunch can be difficult to set up if you don’t have the experience and the tools to make it correctly. No worries! Our French Classics Collection provides all the items required that you will need to please the whole family and friends!

Desserts for brunch plated in Revol

How to make your brunch a success?

You will have fun to make your brunch with Revol! Cooking your dishes has never been so fast and easy thanks to our very good quality porcelain. The finishes of our products will decorate your table and please your guests.

  • First, it is important to know how you want to organize your brunch. You must decide whether to organize it as a buffet or directly serve the dishes on the table. Generally, when there are a lot of guests, a buffet is easier to organize. For every situations, Revol offers a range adapted to all needs.
  • An essential part of a brunch set are the large plates very useful to plate pancakes, sandwiches, slice of bread, cheese etc…
  • If you want to make souffles, we offer a range of ramekins with different sizes would be perfect for a brunch. These are also great for fried or scrambled eggs.
  • Since the devil hides in the details, the butter dish will be a good idea to add on your table. This is an essential item of brunch that should not be neglected.
  • If you want to add a bit of originality to your dishes, don’t hesitate to take a look at our “recipes” section! Some of them like the Berry and cream cheese croissant recipe will fit perfectly to your brunch!
  • In addition to the bowls and coffee cups that are essential for brunch, you can be creative and use other containers to make funny presentations.
  • Brunch is also a moment of sharing with friends and family so don’t hesitate to cook in baking dishes where everyone can serve themselves!
Original and colorful desserts plated in a porcelain cone

What’s the best dinnerware to make a brunch?

Our French Classics Collection definitely became part of our iconic range at Revol since it is the ideal for cooking and plating. We are going to show what’s the best the dinnerware to use for a brunch and why this French Classics Collection would be perfect!

  • The advantage of brunch is that it must be something simple to prepare, cook and set up. It is wise to use a tableware that you will use for both: cook your dishes and serve your guests. At Revol we talk about “from oven to table dishes” which means that every items are made to cook since they are oven and microwave resistant. Although they are made for cooking, the elegant design and finishes of each piece allow them to be placed on the table.
  • We recommend you to use easy cleaning dishes. Indeed, when the brunch is over and you need to clean up, it is preferable to have dishes that are dishwasher safe. Making life easier for our customers is our motto! The French Classics Collection is very easy to wash by hand thanks to its extremely low porosity. This is of course a dishwasher safe Collection.
  • As we know, a brunch is made up of cold and hot food! Although French Classics is an oven safe collection, it is also ideal for placing the items in the fridge or freezer. French Classics is the perfect tableware for your brunch because porcelain will maintain the cold.
Wood table dressed with the French Classics Collection from Revol

The French Classics Collection: The ideal tableware for your brunch but not only!

Somewhere between tradition and legacy, French Classics collection is a selection of products that embraces all the pieces necessary to master French cooking technique and know-how.

  • The selection has a very classic style design, but very performing features!
  • Each piece is sturdy and resistant to thermal and mechanical shock.
  • Great brunch set but they are also made for a casual dinner or a chic soiree.
  • Very broad Collection made from the white plates to cruets and ramekins.
  • Perfect for an oven to table use. They are oven and microwave safe up to 572 degrees for baking and serving.
  • Several colors, really nice to make mix and match: impeccable white, or dark grey and mat black.
  • This Collection is made with a lot of accent pieces and individual dishes that are a must have for the cooking lovers! The other main pieces of the collection are lion-head soup bowls and the eared dishes.
  • Revol revisits the French Classics with this chic collection and a touch of modernity. This kind of tableware will bring personality to your table.
  • This is a timeless Collection which can easily match with other dinnerware.
  • Revol excels in culinary porcelain. A unique know-how with products made in France for more than 250 years. The design of each piece in the collection is deeply researched. A significant part of these pieces are used by many world-renowned chefs.

Thanks to these different insights, all you have to do is to enjoy this good time with your loved ones… Bon appetit everyone!